What is 2 wheels, 2 lanes, 1 camera?

Headed down in to the Badlands of ND

As a traveling motorcyclist a touring biker, I ride and I write, oh, and I shoot, too.  A camera that is.  I like to tell stories, and here you will find a few of them.  Rallies such as Sturgis or the Algona Freedom Rally are here, but so are “how to” blogs, and “where to” blogs that can help give you an idea of what it’s like to travel the upper reaches of the Northern Plains via two lanes.


I’m based in North Dakota, but I travel Minnesota, Iowa, South Dakota, Wyoming and Montana.  I make every effort to stay off of Interstates.  They’re there to move goods and people (and military equipment) quickly across the United States, but they aren’t much for sampling this heartland of the greatest country on earth.

3 Responses to “What is 2 wheels, 2 lanes, 1 camera?”

  1. Good advice, thanks

  2. George Quigley Says:

    Hey Mike, just wondering if you got the bike show poster?

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