Bike Show Season

Never forget fairing

Never Forget

Winter of course is a slow time for hitting the two lanes with two wheels.  But there are still attractions every spring that get at least your mental/emotional motor running when you head out on the highway.  Motorcycle shows — I respect the men and women who put their bikes up for display.  More work goes in to these bikes than I’ve ever been prepared to do.  Yeah, I’ve wanted to put my old shovel in a bike show or two, but never had the resources to do it.   Take this Never Forget paint job at the Freedom Riders’ bike show in Bismarck.  The bike is well displayed and is a hit at bike show because it seems that hard-core bikers and motorcycle enthusiasts are a patriotic lot.  At first, I suspected this bike doesn’t see a whole lot of road time.  Later, I learned it does get a lot of road time — and a lot of loving care.  The owner is a Ride Captain with Patriot Guard Riders and his bike gets a lot of attention.

Heavenly Electraglide

I know this white dresser doesn’t see a lot of road time. It’s owner died last year. His son lovingly dismantled the Electraglide and polished it up,

hobby bike

then put together the heavenly display for it at the Bismarck Freedom Riders’ show.

The Freedom Rider’s bike show also gave someone to do a dual display, his bike and a “hobby bike .

Then, there are those motorcycles that display a person’s  affinity for something very meaningful to them.

At Dickinson’s Sick Bastards show, this Sportster stood out — a tribute to all things Air Force.

Air Force Sporster

Brasshopper at Ramblers Minot bike show

But not all motorcycles on display at spring’s bike show circuit are about shine and showing.  Some go well beyond just shining up their ride and making it look spiffy.  Take theBrasshopper.  It’s the work of two creative geniuses in Dickinson at Patriot Custom Cycles. Wes Annadahl and Kevin Wohjan worked up Brasshopper (bar hopper + brass) over the winter.  No chrome, but plenty of brass.  Many of the pieces were milled in their shop on the west end of town.  (You can learn more about Patriot Custom Cycles in


this blog 2wheels2lanes1camera archives.  I wrote about it last fall).

And as always, you can find the traditional motif at a bike show…if you look closely, such as at this mirror…and the skulls that must do their share of catching bugs out on the highway.

Skulls mirror from Dix SB bike show

7 Responses to “Bike Show Season”

  1. Hey Mike, that’s Tony Krogh’s bike unless my eyes are screwy. I suspect he rode that from Fargo. It get a lot of miles, and a lot of attention. He’s one of the Ride Captains.

    It is a beautiful paint job.

  2. Just ask. I think Tony would be willing….it is for the troops.

  3. Cheryl Tait Says:

    Are the skull mirrors available for purchase

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