Second Brigade raises money for POW/MIA monument

Sea of Bikes for Armed Forces Day ride

I don’t know if it was weather or the growing passion for patriotism among bikers, but this year’s Second Brigade Armed Forces Day ride was bigger than I had ever witnessed.  In years past, only 25 or 35 riders would show up.  This year, 142 bikes were on hand with 170 people signing up for the fundraiser on May 15, 2010.

The group left from The Shop, a veteran-centered motorcycle shop in Bismarck owned by Viet Nam Vet Butch Olson

Leaving The Shop

Butch was not the only participant who has laid their lives on the line.  The crowd of bikers included Viet Nam Vets MC and Legacy Vet MC.  Many of them carry scars from when they said America and its freedoms were worth fighting for.

Little boys waving send off the riders from The Shop

So, it’s fitting, in my opinion, that we non-veterans show them respect and encouragement whenever possible.  I’m glad to know I’m not alone in my support for these men and women.  Even a little family with young boys were there to send off the riders.

In this case it was a ride to raise money for the POW/MIA monument at North Dakota’s Veteran’s Cemetary.  The work of raising the money has been headed up by Second Brigade for several years.  The red tape has been cut, designs have been approved and now the club is raising money for the monument.  It’s estimated more than $100,000 will be needed.

Vietnam vets at Washburn

This ride put the group $5,000 closer to its goal.

Viet Nam vets at first stop, Washburn

The first stop was Wasburn, and a few more riders joined the group there.  Then, it was on to Mercer, Wilton and back to Bismarck.

On the patio at Mercer

At each stop, the hosts had food ready for us. From corn dogs to tacos or sloppy joes, the crew dug in, hung around, visited, and enjoyed the day.  The Mike Koch family, including their veteran sons were on hand as a group.

Mike Koch family

South of Mercer

Riding North Dakota is the spring or early summer is as good as it gets.  The highways are clean and open. The fields rolling and the colors are green.

So if it’s patriotism, good weather, great riding, people who are the best in the world — fund raisers like this can be successful marking the service by our military, and in this case, making certain those left behind are not forgotten.

3 Responses to “Second Brigade raises money for POW/MIA monument”

  1. New find with search for “Second Brigade MC Bismarck ND”

  2. Looks like i missedout on a great time. Nice article and pix.

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