Mandan Motocross competition photoblog

A space alien? A future biker??

I get so wrapped up in two-wheeled touring that I forget there’s another world of two-wheel pleasure.  My wanderings on this Sunday afternoon took me to a motocross track west of Mandan.  It’s the first time I’ve been to a live race like this.  The people are extremely friendly.  They let a photog like me go where I needed to take photos, so I did.  I’ll go back any time the weather is as perfect as it was on this Sunday afternoon.The first turn out of the starting gate has the bikes bunched up as you would expect. And it’s where there’s likely to be a little bike-bike-contact, but it didn’t happen often, and in this shot above, the riders had a clean start.  The track was dry and dusty which just added to the intensity of the view from a spectator such as me.  I can imagine though there was a lotta dust eaten by the riders.

I doubt if they’re get their lungs cleaned out too easily, even by capturing some air.  And being the young competitors with a bit of a superman complex they did their best to get airborne often.
I posted results of this race on my facebook page called “Kickstands Up.”  If I get back to the races in June, I’ll give you another glimpse of the fun these guys have.

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