A fall ride in the TR National Park

Watch out what's around the curve!

Sure, it’s mid-September as I write this, but if you dress right, and catch the good weather days, there’s still time to capture some last rides in western North Dakota, but watch out.  The traffic has changed. It’s not all cars and campers.  Now it’s hooved carcasses strolling around the curves.  Medora and the Theodore Roosevelt Park are in the warmer part of the state. So, if you plan your trip accordingly, hit I-94 with stops in Bismarck or Mandan and Dickinson you can still catch a good afternoon of riding in the Park.

The daylight is limited, and so is the heat, so by 5 p.m. Mountain Time, you’ll want to be heading to civilization.  Still, you’ll have plenty of time to see a glimpse of how the Northern Plains must have looked 200 years ago.

This could be about your last chance of the year to motorcycle through the park, but take your time, stay safe. Take time to watch the prairie dogs and the wild horses.  But if you come to one of these old brutes, be cautious. I’ve seen motorcyclists try to maneuver their way through a herd. No one got killed, but who wants to be the first?

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