RRV Bike Show, military paint themes this year

Roger Westerso military tribute show bike

Have you noticed a patriotic or military theme mushrooming on motorcycles this year?  I first noticed it at this year’s bike shows and now that it’s summer riding season, I’m sure I’ll be seeing more.  Take this bike in memory of Roger Westerso.  He started the project before he died.  His buddies finished it for him and displayed it at the Red River Valley Bike Show in Grand Forks.

Eagle fender

The John 15:13 reference is to the passage referring directly to Jesus, but applied appropriately to the men and women who have died and/0r are willing to die for their fellow American citizens.  “No greater love exist than that of a person willing to lay down their life for another.”

Around the region you’re likely to find images such as this eagle.

There is also quite a bit of remembrance of the 58,000 men and women for whom families have no closure —


those who did not come back home after their tour of duty, the Prisoners of War and the Missing in Action.

Military display

One display at the RRV show was a well developed machine in military gear along with a nearby mannequin soldier.  People such as this couple stopped to check it out.  I did too, from the other angle.

At the RRV show, at least one bike came from as far away as Marion, Iowa, again displaying a military theme.  It was a tribute to the Mile High Militia.

Mile High Militia

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