Highway 281 Corridor South: Ride, Ride, Ride 281!

Buffalo City Rotisserie and Grill

Bikes pull off I-94 and head in to Jamestown

In the companion piece to this post, “Highway 281 North—Drifting across the Drift Prairies” you’ll find good information about Jamestown. It’s a biker friendly community.  If you like coffee, try Dancing Goat blend at Babb’s Coffee Shop – and be sure to find out why it’s called “Dancing Goat” coffee.  Babb’s is a good place to eat something besides gut bombs most bikers settle for that come from fast food joints.  And if you want an exquisite meal, just go across the street is the Buffalo City Rotisserie and Grill.

Jamestown’s Corner Bar

To get to the downtown business district, head north from the Interstate, go down the hill in to the valley.  Main Street Jamestown offers plenty of places to hang out including the Corner Bar, Babbs Coffeeshop and the Buffalo City Rotisserie and Grill. It’s on Main street that you’ll see plenty of fellow riders out for a cruise.

(This blog and Kickstands Up have written more about Jamestown. So, if you want good information about Jamestown, go back to the companion blog to this one, “Highway 281 North, Drifting Across the Drift Prairies.”)

Highway 281 south is well traveled by bikers and they also make up a fair amount of the business trade along the road. That’s because thousands of riders take this route in August going to or from the Sturgis Rally.  They know this route to be safe and pleasant.  Gas stops are conveniently placed along the route at Ellendale and Edgeley.  Food, hotels and even camping spots are plentiful.

It’s a region that 75 years ago boasted of many small towns and you’ll ride through the ghostly remnants of an different quieter era. The towns are barely recognizable, but you’ll be reminded of the way things used to be.

Beware — farm equipment can take up both lanes, and rarely goes faster than 15 to 20 mph. So, meet or pass with caution.

The first 40 miles or so south of Jamestown, is yours to share with area farmers.  Depending on the time of year, you could be sharing the highway with large 4-wheel drive tractors pulling seeders. Or later in the summer, trucks and combines will be on the road.  Farmers spend their lives taking care of the natural resource called Earth.  In this region, you’ll have a hard time finding a grumpy sourpuss farmer. They are incredibly friendly and helpful even as they are busy, industrious and moving on the highway. Don’t forget to wave when you meet or pass them on the highway.

Teddy’s in Edgeley

Make Edgeley your break point destination.  It’s here you’ll find right on the highway one of the best places to eat – Teddy’s.  If you see a friendly guy in bib overalls working in the place, serving food, greeting customers just say “Hi,Teddy.”  That’s him.

2012 is the 125th birthday of the community.  If you’re in town in June, head downtown. You’ll find fellow bikers in town who operate many of the businesses.   You’ll get a bit of exposure to down home celebrations, people-oriented, history-centered, peaceful and serene.

From Edgeley to Ellendale, a good surfaced road will carry you over creeks and streams and past ponds and waterholes.  Ellendale is a bustling community. The downtown holds many surprises from quaint coffeeshops, to  good gas and welcoming services.

You can get gas out on the highway and continue on down the road, but don’t be afraid to rest a bit in Ellendale, even if it’s just for a cup of coffee or a cold drink.

Open riding rules the day on Hwy 281 South of Jamestown

The Highway 281 corridor is a remarkably efficient way to cross North Dakota, and that’s why bikers to and from Sturgis often ride this route.

It’s a recommended route in the 2012 Kickstands Up Motorcycle Touring Map.  If you pick up a copy of the 2012 Kickstands Up Motorcycle Touring map for Eastern North Dakota you’ll see this route featured as well as the biker-friendly businesses who like to serve riders such as you.

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