Iron Stallion and Individuals kick off bike show season 2013

You can tell when something is done right when it keeps growing.  Individ Bike Show spectators wtrmrkFor 14 years, the Iron Stallion motorcycle shop and Jamestown Individuals motorcycle club have hosted one of the earliest bike shows of the winter/spring season.

Jamestown Individuals mc President Ry Walch and his greet "StreetKing" custom bagger.

Jamestown Individuals mc President Ry Walch and his greet “StreetKing” custom bagger.

From the Knights of Columbus Hall to the largest ballroom in Jamestown at the Quality Inn, bikes crowd the floor and even spill out in a display area out front.  This

year, some four-dozen bikes from Minnesota, to Dickinson were on display.

Individuals President Ry Walch says he’s please with the number and variety of bikes.  He said his favorite was a 1949 Ford.  That’s right, a Ford Motorcycle powered by a flathead engine.  A huge beast, more than eight feet long and so heavy it had dual shocks on both sides.

Individ Bike Show young spectator wtrmrk      Families spent the Sunday afternoon before the trophy presentation touring the bikes. By the time the show was done, nearly 400 people had visited the show.

Individ Bike Show 1200 Sporster winner wtrmrk

1200 Sportster, a winner in its class at the Jamestown show.

Mean Streak Kawasaki -- a trophy winner

Mean Streak Kawasaki — a trophy winner

There they saw decked out winners such as a 1200 Sportster,

a mean streak Kawasaki, black and red, right down to the red pipes.

6-Year bike build from a backyard garage in Harvey

6-Year bike build from a backyard garage in Harvey

A six-year garage project from Harvey, North Dakota was on display built from a 1947 Harley-Davidson hardtail frame.  The backbone, down tubes and tail were all stretched to help balance the 45 degree rake.

Soldier's Memorial by Patriot Custom Cycle wtrmrk

Patriot Custom Cycle, Dickinson, Soldier’s Memorial custom bike.

Across the way a tribute to soldiers from Patriot Custom Cycles of Dickinson.  Builder Wes Anable said it’s been one of his most popular bikes, “I could sell it every day, but I don’t. It get’s lots of good reaction.”  The cable-free front end with a 3 degree rake gives the front end a clean and open look.  It’s powered by a Harley-Davidson 105 stoker with an estimated 110 horsepower.  Anable fabricated the skin including the tank.  Bassackwards Studio of Dickinson did the air brushing and KraZkustomS of Glen Ullin provided the paint job.

Shock Glide built by Iron Stallion

Shock Glide built by Iron Stallion

When the annual show started fourteen years ago, it almost died out until Iron Stallion Motorcycle Shop kept it alive for two more years when the Individuals joined the effort. But Brian and Cole Mindt do more than organize and support the show. Their latest creation called “Shock Glide” is twisted.  The handlebars, forks and triple tree are all made from hexagon twisted steel.  Now with more than 4,000 miles on it, it’s had plenty of highway testing. Brian said the owner was shocked at how well it handled.  Brian tried it out. 30 mph, 45 mph, 65 mph and even 95 mph it handled true and straight. Perfectly balanced rumble strips and highway cracks are unnoticeable.  Brian said, “I asked him what he’d want to change or do differently next time. I told him this was an experiment.  He said he wouldn’t change a thing. It’s perfect.”

Perfect, just like the show itself, well run, well lit, good hospitality, no attitudes, everyone from families to gnarly grey-beards and long time patch-holders are all comfortable at the annual end-of-winter tradition.

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