From shows to roads

If you’re a rider, you know what happens when you ride in the rain. You know what it feels like doing this:

2nd Brigade Stitches 4 wtrmrk

What happens when riders ride in the rain? They get wet!

Riding in the rain may dampen the body, but it doesn’t dampen the soul of a rider.

2nd Brigade Riding in Rain 12 wtrmrk

Riders stay plucky and upbeat.  They faced the worst that a spring storm has to offer — hail included — and they made it to their destination.

Now that warm weather is here, the late-winter run of motorcycle shows is ended for the year. It’s time to ride!

2nd Brigade riding in rain3 wtrmrkSaturday, riders with the Second Brigade Motorcycle Club spent more than 6 hours riding in beautiful warm May weather…but as prairie-dwellers know, keep your eye on the sky toward late afternoon, that’s when storms roll in.  And roll in they did on Saturday. The riders hustled to make it to their last destination, Lucky’s Bar in Bismarck.2nd Brigade riding in rain 2 wtrmrk

2nd Brigade Flaps 1 wtrmrk

Flaps rides in to the last stop.

The annual Armed Forces Day ride is the Second Brigade’s major fund-raiser of the year. The club spearheaded a move to place a POW-MIA monument at North Dakota’s Veteran’s Cemetery.  They got U.S. Department of Defense approval for their engineer architectural drawings and have spent each year actively raising the hundreds of thousands of dollars needed for the monument.

2nd Brigade Riding in rain 5 wtrmrk

2nd Brigade Stitches 2wtrmrk

Riding in the rain is not the most pleasant experience.  At 60 mph, every rain drop stings.  It doesn’t take more than five or ten miles before leathers and layers are soaking wet.  Riding with others bonds the group who has braved the worst weather of the season.  Once inside where it’s warm and dry, they laugh and drink — and bid on silent auction items, raising money for the POW-MIA monument.

2nd Brigade Lucky's 2 wtrmrk

Second Brigade brothers get the silent auction items ready

2nd Brigade Lucky's 3 wtrmrk

Black and red escape the rain.

In earlier years, if you browse back in the 2Wheels archives you’ll see more road and ride photos of this annual fund-raiser. But alas, this year, only the last stop is all I was able to join.  But next year…more time to raise money with the Second Brigade for the POW-MIA monument. Are you donating your time and money to the monument?


2 Responses to “From shows to roads”

  1. Elaine (Stitches) Says:

    Great photos & words to match. Wonderful job thank-U!!

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